'Ophiuchus' for Gallery Nucleus' 'Yesterday's Tomorrow'
The new zodiac symbol, constellation Ophiuchus, the man wrestling with the serpent. It’s a metaphor for our constant struggle with knowledge and the unknown.
The show is about retro futurism of the 50’s and 60’s. It’s interesting to see these wild things we though would happen and how they would look in comparison to where we ended up.
Yet another show I’m in with so many talented artists! Check it out on June 29th at Gallery Nucleus. You can find more info on the show here.

ghost recon concept art?

one of my personal favorites… (Taken with instagram)

instgram link

an old ink illustration I had sitting around in one of my portfolios…
Rocketeer by *mbreitweiser
Don’t text while driving
Zaryuta → Space Suit concept
chainsaw  ›  Deadspace_renderl_02
chainsaw  ›  mercenary11
digitalinkmind → Mandalorians

Awesome image of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, from “Empire 7: Sacrifice” (illustration by Ryan Benjamin)